would like to see the option to play entire albums, genres, or complete collection of music via wd 2 go as at present you can only play one track then go back into folder to select next and a similar thing happens with photos in you only get one at a time so unlike wd photos where you can flick through entire albums in wd2go you again have to go back to main folder to select another photo and i would like to see it work like wdphoto app so you can view all photos from albums in a slide mode


I concur with this.

The Wd 2 Go is an actually working solution, I never got mionet to work.

However there are a spots on the sun :

  1. it doen’t allow you to create playlist, or simply multiselect… or select a directory as proposed above.

  2. The download mechanism simply doesn’t work .

The standard media player in the Galaxy S, doesn’t download,

Real Player tries and fails every time…

Is there any other app where this actually will work ? I like to listen to my favourite music when I’m abroad too, and it is simply too expensive to stream them.

But the whole set up has a snag in that it requires the file to be opened to be saved.

The explicit  “download/upload” mechnism needs to be built in…

Have you considered merging with any of the nice file browsers that are out there ?

I agreed with this, it will be great if i could play several music files (eg playlist)  from my drive without needing to go out and select a new file. Please implement this option.

I also support this idea! Cheers, Erik

I agree with this idea.

I suggest the following on this topic: 1) For large music libraries that are unorganized in files I suggest an automatic indexer similar to that of iTunes according to the details of the files such as album, artist, genre, etc. 2) the ability to create playlists somehow, perhaps with folders full of ordered shortcuts to the main music libraries songs according to what we want in the playlist and the order we want it to be in. 3) otherwise for music libraries organized in files (like mine) we should be able to start a track and the player continue playing the tracks following it that are in the open file. Or an option where you can choose an entire folder to play instead of just one file. And for pictures: 1) a slideshow option of all pictures in the open file. It really would be best if you combined the two apps IMO. I also suggest a different interface for the app where the files and folders take up most the screen and the players and viewers open upon the choosing of a file.

And for the Mycloud app too please!