Ok been having a lot of problems I am new to the mybook but when i am home i can access my book fine but when im away and try to access my book thru wd2go I log in select my drive connect to my public folder and when i try to copy anything to are from the drive it just hangs for ever saying copying but nothing is happening i have to evinully force a close this is with three difrent windows o/s im at a lose …   Please Help 

Thanks Mark 

I have the exact same problem.  The smartphone apps work ok its just any remote access that causes it to hang.  It does do something after around 5 minutes or more but on other computers is just hangs when a file is right clicked.

yup smart phone app works great i can add are remove file from my book with smart phone but cant do anything with wd2go on a computer 

It’s a Microsoft specific thing.

When you right-click a file, Microsoft wants to read all the file’s metadata in order to present the correct Context items in the right-click menu.

In order to get the metadata, it has to transfer the file to the local cache.

So in the background, it’s actually started transfering the file across the internet to your PC.

Do NOT use the context-sensitive menu if you’re using WD 2go on Windows.

If all you’re trying to do is copy the file, then use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V).

Thanks for shedding some light on this.

Would this really cause windows explorer to hang?  Also when it goes to the stage of copying a file it can say calculating in the download box for upto around 5 minutes before a download starts.

If this is the extent to the perfomance it really doesn’t seem upto the job its been purchased for.

Yes, that’s all true.

And it’s not a WD issue, really. Only Microsoft exhibits this behaviors. As you’ve seen, none of the mobile devices have the issue. Nor does Mac. It’s just Microsoft’s interaction with WebDAV.

Something to add, wherever possible for large transfers (say over 100 MB), use FTP/SFTP to transfer the files between machines. FTP/SFTP (even on Windows) doesnt suffer from the issues you mentioned as it uses a different protocol completley, and is much more robust than WebDAV. 

 Also, the speed of the connection that the MBL is connected to will also impact on the speed of WD2Go. If you are copying/pasting between the MBL and a PC in a different location, and the Upload speed is rubbish (less than 1MB/Sec), you’ll experience rubbish performance at the other end, regardless of the speed of the remote computers connection. 

For best performance, always ensure you have a direct connection to the MBL (you can check this in the MBL GUI under UI/Networking). If you have a “Relay connection”, then this means all connections will be going through WD’s servers, thus slowing the connection down. 

Hope this sheds some more light on your WD2Go issue. 

2 things first how do i, use FTP/SFTP to transfer the files between My PC and the my book 2nd of the my book is saying relay connection how do I change this

Any suggestions guys


I know its like 2 years late but I want to give an answer for this problem because I’ve been searching and found the solution. Go to this link:


and install wd my cloud desktop app. This allows for data transfer through another protocal other than webdav. Worked for me. I uploaded a 3gig file no problem. Hope this can help somebody.