WD2GO works on ipad but not on iphone 4s

What a frustrating experience.  Setting up the 2TB drive was a piece of cake as was the app for the ipad.  It connected immediately at home.  However, in the same environment and with the same app on the iphone 4s, I get the Device Offline message.  I performed a factory reset but has made no difference.  Extremely disappointing and hope this can be remedied!

Works fine on my iPhone 4s as well as my Wife’s.

Try DISABLING your 4G cellular connection (Turn ON Airplane mode and then turn WiFi back on, for example) to pair it.

Thank you… Just tried that but no joy I’m afraid… Thanks for the suggestion…

Try the opposite.   Try turning off WiFi, and only using 4G.

If that doesn’t work either, then I’m out of ideas, sorry.