WD2GO & Time Machine & iPad

The latest MyBookLiveDuo is a vast improvement over the last series.  However, if you are a Mac user, the back-up is set-up for Time Machine (although in theory you could use another back-up scheme).  All happiness ends when you try to access the Time Machine backup on your iPad - you can get there via WD2GO but all you get is a bunch of ? marked references to your backup files and if you try and download, nothing happens.  WD Concierge has verified that you can not read the backup on an iPad.  You can transfer the files you need to another Share (or folder) and access that outside of Time Machine but now you have two backup schemes.

The screen on WD2GO on your iPad app the question marks dancing around the user’s head says it all.

I have had no issues with the Time Machine back-up when I use my MacBook Pro and access through www.wd2go.com. I am still working to see if I can access on the iPad through Safari.

I guess that is a problem with the way that time machine works. Just in case, you can access the files using the WD2Go app  if you backup your files using Smartware.