WD2Go Site Down

Looks like the wd2go suite is down, so no offsite access again!


All the more reason to consider using ftp for file access.

Would that not be less sucure unless using sftp?

Uh oh - Reported the site as down via the  support portal - Now the wd2go site is up but…the support portal is down


Either they have an support engineer with egg on his face or there is an attack of sorts perchance?


so is wdc.com


Wdc.com is DOWN for everyone.

It is not just you. The server is not responding

wdNess wrote:

Would that not be less sucure unless using sftp?

FTP isn’t secure - but it’s no less secure than using wd2go.com wd2go.com is a relay service but not over a secure connection. So all the more reason to use SFTP :slight_smile: But for those that cannot get sftp working (I did), at least ftp would be an insecure but working alternate.

I just don’t like the whole idea of relying on a 3rd party service for access to my server - I prefer direct connection, which an ftp/sftp connection gets me.