WD2Go security questions


I have some questions about WD2Go security.

Does WD2Go encrypt my files end-to-end? In other words is all of the data on the mybook live duo available through WD2Go (including meta data such as file names) encrypted such that only the NAS and the client machine can access it. In other words is WD unable to access the data themselves (during tranfer or otherwise)  because they do not have the keys, even in “relay” mode?

It may seem like a moot point to some, but I am just curious what “secure” means here! :slight_smile:

Some cloud services keep the data encrypted but also have a copy if the keys to provide some extra user functionality, for example DropBox does this. I would like to know what side of the line WD2Go stands.

Also I notice on p109 of the WDMB live duo manual it says “If you connect to a My Book Live Duo device from a PC running Windows XP, data being transferred between the devices is not secure”. Is there a way to prevent Windows XP client from connecting, or is the only way to just remember that connecting a Windows XP client will expose your data over the internet?

The link is encrypted using 128bt AES encryption… not the files per se. We don’t store anything on our systems… We just open a secure link between your remote client and the device.

Windows Xp has limted support using this technology. If you want this support, you will need to using Windows 7.