WD2go Pro - How to?


I got the wd2go pro version for my Ipad.  I am looking for some sort of manual online but couldn’t get one.  Is it available?

I know that this version can clip document and open in another application.  The problem I am facing is that after I had clipped it, how to open this using another application like 3rd party software like pdf reader or ibook itself?

I tried to clip and seems like I need to open in the wd2go app first before I can access the other icon on the top right to enable it to open in another application???  Before I can start to open in the wd2go app, I was kicked out and go back into the main screen…  what is wrong?

Other than this I don’t see any other published info, I’d give a call to WD on this one…

On the Device screen in the bottom right hand corner is a question mark that takes you to the FAQs.

You should be able to select a file - if it’s unknown, you’ll get a picture of “Jeff” scratching his head to denote unknown file type. The action arrow (in the upper right hand corner) will give you options (email, email link, etc.). If there’s an app that supports this file type, an ‘Open with…’ menu should appear.

Note: This is a feature of WD 2 go pro only - not the free edition.

I have the pro version and I try “open with” and nothing happens. Trying to open an Avi file through vlc player. Did I miss a step cause nothing shows up in the vlc player app either.