WD2GO Poor Streaming Over 3g?

Hi, I have been at this for ages not so I thought it was time to ask for help!!

I have recently purchased a WD My Book Live 3tb and have it set up on my home network ok. 

My PC (ethernet) connects and works fine.

My ipad (over wifi at home) connects and works fine, the problems start over 3g.

I have set the HDD up with static ip, have the ports open (80/443), and all the signs on the settings page are good.

When I come to connect via 3g, it finds the HHD, folder and then video files but it constantly buffers?

I thought it might be caused by my Netgear wireless router so I bought a TP-Link W8970 to see if that would help (ports forwarded better on the TP) but it is exactly the same.

So I’m thinking broadband speeds? I have just run a test on my home pc and it’s come back with 12.96 down and 0.91 up and the 3g device is hitting 6.23 down and 1.49 up. The video files I am trying to play are around 1300kbps. Would it be a upload speed problem on my network?

Thanks Dave. 


If you’re only get 0.91 up, then you’re trying to stream 1.5 times faster than your home broadband can deliver.

In that case, you’ll be better off downloading the whole video and then playing it from the downloads section instead of trying to “stream” it real-time.

Thanks for the reply and advice.

Looks like I will be downloading my video files until BT improve my upload speed!! 

Thanks agian, Dave.