wd2go password

Hi All

Im still having the problem, i go onto wd2go enter my email and password everything is OK i see all of my shares, i can enter the public one no problem.

the problem is when i try and enter my private and the password does not work get a message (the server 12334567 at deviceuser requires a` username and password) i don’t think i have this setup could someone please point me in the right direction so i can sort the thanks


Have you tried another browser or the WD My Cloud desktop app?

The desk top app works fine on my home PCs but when I’m on a different pc (wd2go) this is where the problem lies

the desktop app can be used remotely too. please try it

for most usage the desktop app is better for remote access and the Explorer/Finder is better for local access

General notes, if any steps missing that may be the issue, provide details about any issues

in the mycloud when seting up remote access you should have entered and email address for a user (me3408)

User me3408 recieves an email from WD with instructions on seting up an account

user me3408 goes to the WD site and creates a password, the username is the email address enteredint the mycloud

then using the desktop or mobil app or the wd2go.com site you sign in with this email address and the password created on the WD site.

you are now conneted to the mycloud as the user (me3408) associated with the email address above

you will probably be prompted for another password, this is the users password on the mycloud

for the WD apps you can also generate a 1 time code to enter instead of using the email