wd2go password problem

Hi all,

I have purchased and set up a new Mybooklive. I have successfully set up and am using the drive on the office network.

My problem arises when I try to access it via wd2go. I can log on to wd2go, I can view and access the drive, but when I try to access the files it asks for a user name and password but will not accept what I put in. It doesn’t tell me its wrong it just keeps going back to the user name and password screen. I have tried the user name and password, the network password and no password at all.

This is not all that strange except that when I have entered a password several times it will suddenly let me in. It doesn’t seem to be any particular password, it could be anything or nothing at all. It is not a magic number of enter a password 3 times, it might let me in on try 3 or try 10.

Has anyone else had this problem or are there any suggestions on how to solve this problem,



You are posting in the wrong forum, you need to go to Network Drives. 

have you set up any private shares with passwords?  are you using the public share folder at all?  what operating system are you using to access the drive? 

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I am using Windows 7 and yes I have set up private shares but I have taken all passwords off and it still does the same thing. I have set up another public folder also with no passwords and still the same thing.

That’s odd… WD2go asks for your E-mail to log in and then for your username (And password) if you have a private share, after that it doesn’t ever ask me for a password again… o.o

What if you look for Batra or SatyafromWD in here?

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If I access via a mobile device I don’t have a problem. It is just on the pc, doesn’t matter if it is private or public share, it still asks for the password.

What is Batra or SatyafromWD?

Batra and Satya are WD staff members monitoring the WD Photos and WD2go boards.

are you trying to access it by wd2go on a local network, because then yes it will always ask for your password.  you can download wd link, and it will help you map the drive on a local network.  then you won’t need to use your password or wd2go.

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