wd2go not working in any browsers (mac osx 10.7.5)

I’m having a weird issue that I can’t figure out. This was working perfectly fine earlier this year, but now it doesn’t. I’ve successfully registered my share account for my mycloud on wd2go.com. I’m running Mac os 10.7.5. Whenever I try to login to wd2go.com, after i enter my credentials and hit “sign in” nothing happens. It’s as if the sign in button is not active for my browser. When I hit the login button, the url bar changes to " https://www.wd2go.com/#" but there is no activity. I don’t get a java promto or redirect at all. This happens in Chrome as well. 

I redownloaded the latest version of java from java.com, but it hasn’t made any difference. My mobile android/ios apps work jsut fine, but I can’t access wd2go from web browsers on my mac. Any advice? I"m not even getting java prompts, it just never advances or loads a new page after hitting “signin”


Try using the WD My Cloud desktop app.

I’ll give it a shot, but this doesn’t resolve my web browser issue. I’m assuming it’s a problem with java? Anyone have any suggestions?

MAC OSX.latest-version


i’m having this and similar issues now.  just installed the device on 6-22-14.


local access and iphone access is fine.  remote access on safari, firefox and chrome is unsuccessful.  


i’ve done firmware updates.  it appears to be a java issue but i’ve done all i can about it, it seems.  i get the stale certificate message.  chrome is 32bit and can’t run java 7.


the closest i get is in safari, and the java window actually launches, but hangs.


does anyone have any suggestions?

Thankfully. There is a solution. You must use Firefox and the latest java. This seems to be the only way to get it to work on Mac. Also, make absolutely sure you disable ALL ad/tracking blockers on wd2go.com as well. See pinax’s post #5 in the following thread: