wd2go network connection failure (1000)

wd2go network connection failure (1000)

I installed wd2go on my HTC one mobile wiht kpn internet

When I am at home and using my wireless home network I have no problem connecting with my book live

but when I am on route and I want to connect i get the following error  network connection failure (1000)


When you are at home you might be connecting to the same network than the MBL.  On the route you might be connecting to your HTC data plan.  If this is the case you may need to contact your phone provider to check if something on their end might be blocking the connection.

I have installed a new drive on my home network and I have configured web remote access for WD2go on my Galaxy S andriod phone, I entered the code and I see the drive listed in my andriod phone. When I try to accress the shares on the phone, it gives me an error message: Network connection failure (1000). I installed WD2go on my iPad2 and same thing I get that the device is not available. My network is working properly and I can see the drive from my regular Win7 computer. 

I also tried to configue the web remote access, and after following all the instructions I see the device as offline although the configuration for remote accress is set to enabled. Not sure what is going on. Please help.