WD2GO -mp4 playback problems

Hello everyone

I have the WD2GO mobile app installed on my iPad. I have several .mp4 movie files stored on my MBLD. The files are from different sources, but all in .mp4 format. I am able to see, and play, most of them, but some are simply not visible in the app. The folder contaiing the video file IS visible, but not the video file itself. I have tried changing the file name, so that it didn’t contain any signs WD2GO perhaps didn’t support, but it didn’t work. The files are all playable when i access them on VLC. from my pc, for example. The size of the individual files in question are all under 2 GB. Some are converted films, some are recorded footage etc.

Since some are showing up and others aren’t this clearly does not have to do with the iPad itself not being able to play the files. Furthermore all the mentioned video files are playable through different apps on the iPad, for example buzz player. But since they can’t be used outside of my LAN this isn’t a viable option.

Anyone have any suggestions? Would be much appreciated…

Did you put all of the files (the ones that show and the ones that don’t) on the MBL using the same process?

Try this test:

From your PC, move the files off the MBL back to a temporary place on your PC, then move them back and see if they then show up.

Hi Tony

Thanks for the reply.

Firstly; i have tranferred all the video files with simple drag-and-drop method, after having mounted the drive on my PC. Secondly; I tried transferring all the files to my pc and transfer them back to the MBL. This didn’t solve the issue, unfortunately.

I simply can’t understand what is causing this…

Try the RESCAN button in the MBL’s Remote Access settings – the one that says “for troubleshooting.”

I guess you mean the “rebuild” button, under the advanced tab? I have no re-scan button. I tried this, no effect.