WD2Go Mounts but won't Stream

I can login to wd2go just fine. When I click to display in Explorer, the drive mounts just fine, and I can navigate the folders. But the fun ends there. When I try to open a file (typically an avi) two things will happen. Explorer almost always hangs, and while I can restart it in processhacker, the original hung process does not disappear. Taskkill /pid won’t remove the process, either. It’s the same for the media player (typically VLC). I can manually close the windows, but the process won’t end, even through taskkill.

I have to then do a hart restart because a soft restart will hang during the logoff portion. I’d like to say that WD2Go works on my Galaxy Nexus, but it has the same problems – minus the hang. It won’t actually stream over 3g, 4g, or wifi. I can view all the files I want, but as far as accessing them, WD2Go just doesn’t.

I’m thinking that if I can view all the files, everything is set up properly and it’s some other error. I’ve tried adding wd2go.com and the mybooklive.device address to the trusted zone, and it hasn’t helped. Turning off the firewall completely doesn’t work, either, nor does trying it on a different 7OS computer.

I can’t disconnect via Explorer or the web interface, either; I have to restart

Are the hiccups between Windows and WebDAV really that severe, or did I manage to overlook something?

EDIT: After about an hour, the video started playing, however, now the java applet won’t load, and it remains an empty, white frame, with or without the firewall turned on.

After 10 minutes, this was still the screen on VLC, followed by a hung process.

try contacting support for this issue