WD2go Mobile App Can't Connect To WD MyCloud Anymore

I used to be able to connect to my WD My Cloud all the time in the past using this mobile app on my windows phone.

Now I am getting a “No network available” message and am unable to connect to it.

What is going on with this? I haven’t changed any settings in the dashboard or otherwise.

Also, i have searched the web for WD 2go and “No network available” and couldn’t even find that message.

Also, if i log on to wd2go.com and sign in and then click on the cloud icon I get java.lang.nullpointerexception

I found the problem i believe. It looks like my cell data was turned off on my phone. Not sure how , when , or why, but wd2go works again.

I’m glad you were able to find out the reason it was not working.

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I have the same issue. What do you mean by your “cell data was turned off”? I’m using WD2go V2.2.10 on a Windows 10 phone.

My phone has an on/off for both wifi and cellular data. I used to have a really low data plan so I would turn the cellular data off and only use wi-fi. AT&T gave me 2gb so I don’t have to turn that off anymore. It works fine still.