WD2go - linking but not showning files

If anyone can offer assistance it will be appreciated…

Have a set up using Windows 7 with two Livedrives and a Livdedrive Duo attached.  I am trying to access the drives through the wd2go and have no difficulty logging on and seeing the three drives as icons. Initally on clicking on any of the drives’ icon pictures I saw java attempting to load and then a series of messages about security certificates.  So I…

…adjusted my browser settings to allow all certificates to be viewed;

…upgraded my java to the latest version;

…removed previous versions and applets that exist; and, made several prayers to gods of technology.

Now when I log into wd2go I see my three drives (no change so far) but when clicking on any of the drives’ icon pictures I am dropped every so quickly into the Orcale java site (no messages, no saluatations of affection, warning or error - just a white gray and red site with blue writing - no heart at all).

Have cleared and done all a few times but the end result remains the same, so to get a different outcomes I need to try a different activity - any suggestions?

Thanks to any who respond



Do you encounter the same results when you use a different Internet Browser? A JAVA applet asking for permissions need to be accepted for the actual connection to be established. If this applet is no longer functional or redirects you to the Oracle JAVA website then it may need to be re-installed in your browser.