WD2GO Issue : MyBookLive 2TB-Version - Can't approach my NAS by web - Offline more details inside

Good day ladies and gentlemen,

I purchased the 2TB WD MyBookLive and I quite like it so far, I wanted to start approaching my NAS by the web using the WD2GO Webclient, but i’m facing a problem I can’t seem to google myself out of.
I went through the whole setup process to configure the appropriate settings and this is what I did.

Turned the remote access off - re-enabled remote access half an hour later.
Made sure the port forwarding is setup in a proper manner.

The only thing I can think off what would cause this is that I have it setup to a SWITCH.
The switch is directly connected to the router, not sure if it would matter, hence my username.

I’d really appreciate it if anyone could help me out here, it’s been a great product to me so far but I’d like to get a bit more bang for my buck.



The presense of a switch has no bearing at all… I have each of my MBLs attached to separate switches.

What is the Remote Access “status” indicating in the MBL’s web UI?

If you mean the Ipadress/UI thing where you setup all the settings.

It’s bright green - Labeled connected.

Offline :frowning:  

That usually indicates a router setup problem, or lack of uPnP support.

I’ve got the same issue.

Initially everything worked quite fine.

However after last firmware upgrade, the NAS userinterface is terribly slow and wd2go reports the NAS offline