WD2Go install on iphone - can't access networks any more

I installed WD2Go onto my iphone (IOS6)  and was unable to join either of the networks in my office, including the one that the WD MyBook is connected to.  Also, when I try to connect the phone using WD2Go and the Remote Access utility, I get an error message 31564 Error configuring remote access. ( I get this for almost everything I do, but usually when I click Close, it goes away and things work - but in this instance, it doesn’t work).

I uninstalled the WD2Go app, and now I can connect to both networks fine.

Very disappointed with the software for this drive. Most of the time I watch a dotted circle telling me to Please Wait. I have waited sometimes an hour before giving up.  And I get this for ages when I try to contact Support, so I have to rely on the forums.

What model drive do you have?

Ich habe das selbe Problem! Gleicher Fehlercode und keine Response vom WD support.

Was kann man da machen?

It’s a My Book Live. It’s working OK as a backup device, but I can’t seem to use it as a personal cloud no matter what I do. Might just as well have bought a cheap large ordinary hard disk. And I certainly don’t want it to disconnect my iphone from my wireless network.

GreyArea: You say it’s in your office?    Is it on a network that you maintain and operate, or does your office have an IT department?

Reason I ask is, if it’s a “corporate” network, then there may be policies in place on firewalls that will prevent such apps from working.

Ah, by office I mean the room in my house that I use as an office. I am the IT department, network admin and I am a computer professional, so pretty much know what I’m doing. No policies other than sensible precautions. Nothing corporate here.  

But you have multiple subnets?   If so, the 2go app won’t discover them since that’s broadcast based.   

No. I have one network that my iPhone is connected to - the same network that my computers and the router are connected to. It’s an extremely simple system. My only problem is that when I install the app for WD2Go onto my iPhone, the phone can no longer see the network at all.  

Obviously I have uninstalled the app.  I haven’t tried it again because I need my phone to be connected to the network.

GreyArea wrote:

My only problem is that when I install the app for WD2Go onto my iPhone, the phone can no longer see the network at all.  

As in …  the entire WiFI SSID appears to have disappeared?   No longer visibile?

That’s a weird one!

Yup! I thought so too.