wd2go - how to play rmvb file

I have installed wd2go on my DroidX and have no problem in accessing my files on My Book Live. While it’s pretty easy to play mp4 directly on my DroidX, it seems that I cannot find a way to play RMVB files. When I click a RMVB file, it says “No viewer app installed on your device” (even though I have several applications that are capable of playing .rmvb file). If I check the property of the rmvb file, it says application/vnd.rn-realmedia-vbr. (For mp4 file, it shows video/mp4). So my questions are:

1] Is there anyway to play RMVB directly from WD2GO? (I guess it may be just a question of associate RMVB with an application. But I cannot find a way to do so)

2] Alternatively, is there any way to download a remote file to local SD card? (Therefore I can launch RockPlayer or RealPlayer to play that downloaed file)


Try using rockplayer lite or VPlayer and renaming the file with a .mp4 extension.