WD2Go for Windows Tablet app?

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I use a Asus tablet that runs on windows (8.1 or 10) and the WD2go application to read files (music, photos) on my My cloud 4T.
This is the only app you can find in the Windows store.
This WD2go app is not the same than the WD2go V2.2.1.0 running on my Windowsphone Lumia 640…

I really don’t appreciate the app runing on the tablet : always automatically loading photos and music albums (making it very slow) ; impossible to sort by file, by name or by date…

It would be great if I could download WD2go v2210 on my tablet - that programm suite very good because it works like a explorer

Do someone has an idea how to match this ? Thx

For you windows mobile devices, you will need to use Webfiles on My Cloud.com

That’s is what I also hoped… but the filesbrowser ‘mycloud.com’ does not work when I’m at home (in the native wifi network where the Mycloud NAS is connected).
The error : ‘impossible to connect’ is shown. Mycloud.com seems only to work whent I’m out of the office (4G or external wifi host).
The WD support told me that that was normal (?!) … Maybe someone knows the solution ?

So I’m looking for an alternative file browser (other than Windows Explorer that is quite not userfriendly on a tablet screen).


When you’re on the same network as the drive, you shouldn’t need to use mycloud.com. That is only for remote access. You should be able to access your own shares on your network.

There is the WD Discovery Software on the My Cloud download page. You can use that utility to find and access your shares on your network.