Wd2go for blackberry z10

Please make wd2go for blackberry z10, I purchase the drive as advertised as operating with bb os10 but app not available for z10 which is the mobile I have, very frustrating . Come on WD help out


Idea approved for voting in the WD Community.

I would like to see this too 

Can’t access files from either my Z10 or playbook

I would also like to see a BlackBerry 10 app for accessing my My Book Live 2TB. The box says “BlackBerry” so I was hoping it would do what it says on the tin, so to speak. Thanks!

Please provide an app for BB10. There will lot of user, who wopuld be simply hesitant to register. But I am sure more and more people are buying this new WD cloud, there would be a good demand for the APp

As an enthusiastic Blackberry user, and a long time user of WD products, I’m disheartened to see no native support for Blackberry.

I’m having the same issue.  Just bought a Z10 expecting it to be compatable with my WD My Cloud…dissapointing.  Does anybody know if this issue is going to be addressed?  If not, the phones going back and I’ll join the ranks of Android users again!

Same for me (Z30). I will try the Android App, but I would definitely prefer a native BB10 App.

I hope the app could be provided soon…

Please provide native BlackBerry App as soon as possible. Thanks

Yes, I agree… Please provide a native BlackBerry App ASAP.  I have many WD products and purchased the cloud and was very disappointed that there was not a BB app available. 

Jimbo 498… 

Hi there:

PLEASE Make a BlackBerry 10 app for WD MyCloud.

Canada uses BlackBerry , and the WD MyCloud is sold at Costcos in Canada. I, personally, know 4 people who are aching for the native BlackBerry 10 app for MyCloud. Business owners and government workers use BlackBerry. Please make this app!

PS: A Blackberry Playbook app would also be great!:smiley:

Agreed. Many people purchase WD MyCloud or similar products for the same reason that they choose Blackberry 10: superior security.

It is only natural that they should work together. 

I registered only to vote for this!

A Blackberry app is needed for WD My Cloud.

I would love to see a native Blackberry app. It would increase the security of my MyCloud!

Me and friend are all Blackberry users and we all purchased the WD cloud but there is no App to access the cloud on the go. I hope we all see the WD2GO app for bb soon

Is WD2GO app ready for blackberry 10?  I just bought My Cloud for my business and have just realised i cant get the app on my Z30.  Please help!!!

I have two BlackBerry Q10s in the family. We love using the Wd Photos App to access our pictures on BlackBerry, but the lack of a WD my cloud app as in Android or some sort of web access without an app to use our video and other stored data is like a “black hole” in this otherwise great product. Any solution, help or app on the way to help us?

Update: Solution found: :smiley: Install “WD My cloud” app from Google play into an Android device. Then use the “App Backup & Restore” app also from Google store to backup the “WD my cloud” app to your sd storage card. Go to where the app is then stored in the Android device and beam it with bluetooth into the BlackBerry device. The rest is easy. In the Blackberry device install the “WD my cloud” app, setup and enjoy.

As always with tips over the internet: I am not responsible if anything goes wrong. Keep the BlackBerry Link updates up to date in case something does go wrong.

Would be great if WD would provide a download link of the latest “WD my cloud” apk on the wd2go.com website as it does with the windows setup software and we would then not have to sideload programs anymore.

Totally agree.  Why has WD not have support for BB10?  The most secure phone in the world, used by all levels of government in Canada and the USA, and no Cloud support?  I have been looking to buy a 4TB WD Cloud, but with no support, what insentive is there?  With Blackberry making it easy to put software from Android into Blackberry, why is there no Support.  If WD would like a name at Blackberry to contact, I would be happy to give them one!