wd2go directs to oracle page in Win 8?

I recently purchased a 2TB MyBook Live and i am having trouble logging in from my Win 8 laptop when away from my home network.

If I use my Win 7 laptop to acces my files i get a warning about running a Java script , i accept these and then it connects no problem and i can see all my files…

However I,ve also purchased a new laptop running Windows 8 but whenever i try to connect to MyBook using WD2go its a different story.

After i have logged in it asks me for my network password then i just get directed to the Oracle page !!!

I,ve no idea why this is happening .

Obviously i cant carry two laptops around everywhere as id like to get rid of the older one .

Does anyone have any idea how to overcome this problem ?



Apparently you don’t have Java installed.

That was my first suspicion but I downloaded and installed java and have the same problem still

After telephoning customer support it seems Internet Explorer on my Win 8 laptop has some sort of problem connecting to Mybook due to some security settings somewhere
We tried Firefox and I don’t have any problem connecting now so I can access my files anywhere
Let’s see what Microsoft’s response is now . That’s if they get back to me at all !!!