WD2GO Continuous playing of WAV files

Using WD2GO v2.3.1, MBL 3TB (latest firmware) and an ASUS TF201 on Android v4.1.1.  Using WD2GO to stream music from MBL.  I have recently started to convert my music library from MP3 to WAV (resides on MBL – Public Share).

When streaming MP3 files I can get the whole album (in a folder) to play continuously, but when I select a folder containing WAV files, I can only play one file at time.

I have tried a few WAV players – downloaded then used “open with” after resetting the default App association (Clear Default Settings) and still cannot play files continuously.

The default MP3 (WD2GO) player does a simple but great job at playing whole album/folder.

Looking for a solution to be able to be able to play WAV files (album/folder) continuously using my TF201.  Any ideas / suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Ok, I’ll bite… Why on earth would you go from MP3 to WAV?  WAV files are HUGE.

Quality and precision; agreed WAV files are larger, but given the price of storage and since these files will (and some already have) outlive the original medium (CD lost, scratched, etc.) I would rather keep the best version possible for my music library.



Well, sure, but you’re saying you’re converting MP3 to WAV – that’s just a waste of space.  

You cannot get the quality back from the MP3 – the “loss” during conversion to MP3 was permanent and cannot be recovered.

Your only choice for “lossless” is to re-rip from the original.

Re-ripping from originals already started, that’s why I am looking for a WAV player.

Yes, it’s lots of effort and space, but this is my main music library.  I have ripped everything once already (MP3) now ripping to WAV.

Anybody has an idea for a solution to play WAVs other than one at time?

For giggles, you might tray FLAC. 

Not sure if WD 2go works with them or not; but they’re a good compromise on space, and they’re also lossless.