Hi, when I’m trying to log in MyBookLive through WD2go.com, I get a message saying that my unit is offline although it is working fine through my network.  Does anybody encounter the same problem?  I’m using a Cisco E1200 router to access internet and everything seems to be fine.



What happens if you connect the drive directly to your internet connection (bypassing the router)?

Did you go into the My Book Live dashboard and enable Remote Access? Is it showing connected (Relay or Direct)? if it is enabled, try enabling/disabling it again, then try to access it.

I have exactly the same issue:

Remote Access is enabled, but the connectivity status in the user interface stays:

Connectivity Status: Connecting

Trying to establish a remote access connection…

I have received the remote access e-Mail and can access via password. I can see MyBookLive but the status says: Offline.
MyBookLive is connected to the wireless router via Ethernet . I can access Mybook Live with all other Wireless network devices in the network.

I can access the drive via Ping within the network via Browser (IP).

Any ideas?

This solved the issue for me. Many, many thanks!