WD2Go.com Website - Dead "ghost" drives

Hi, the background of this problem is:

  1. I own a My Book Live, which I previously set up access on the WD2Go.com Website and authorized my account.

  2. I bricked the drive by accident, and went through a manual restoration of the drive (it’s working again).

  3. Now the drive is back to original firmware, and I set up access on the WD2Go.com Website again.

  4. There are 2 My Book Live drives in my account, and I’m only able to access the newly-created one. It says “Device is offline” for the old one, but doesn’t have any options to let me delete it.

Can you add a Delete option for old drives that are linked to my account?

We are aware of this. Will be releasing software in the next month or so that will allow you to delete a drive from WD2go.com.