wd2go.com log in problems

Hi - hopefully this is an easy one to fix… I’m not very technical.

Got the My Cloud 2TB all set up OK – from the dashboard at home I can set up new users etc. I’m “admin”, and within the dashboard I’ve been able to set myself up with a password, and added my email address – and this has enabled me to have access the personal cloud via my ipad and iphone. The iphone access definitely works when I’m away from home.

However, I can’t log in to wd2go.com using the email and password which I’ve given myself in the dashboard. So I can’t log in from my work PC on the internet – says invalid username/password – what am I doing wrong?

Incidentally, when I got access via mobile apps I never needed to use the activiation code – just the password I’d set up, so the password seems to work. And it works when I log into the dashboard. Any suggestions please?!

Have you tried going through the Forgot my password link on the wd2go.com page?  Also, if a captcha appears at the bottom be sure to enter in the correct text.

When you registered for wd2go, you should have gotten a verification email. When you click on the link in the email, it should have sent you to the site to setup a password for your wd2go.com account.  Wd2go.com uses different username / password from your My Cloud since it is a separate service.

Thanks for the responses. I didn’t realise it was a different username / password… have now reset the password and managed to log in from work. Cheers!