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I am a new My Cloud user and  trying to get the hang of it.  I currently have 4 users for the cloud and the desktop app is TERRIBLE.  It constantly freezes up and crashes.  This is on different computers, differnt locations, etc.  Even when I have 30/8 speeds it doesnt work very well.

I just noticed that you can also access it from wd2go.com.  This is MUCH faster and easier to navigate over the app.  The problem I am having is the only login and password that works at wd2go.com is my user name and password.  The other 3 users can not access it from the website.  Their information works on the desktop app and the mobile app, but not the website.

Am I doing something wrong?  How can I get others access to the website for their personal folders and shares?

Thank you!

To Access through wd2go.com you need to setup remote access for these users in the NAS admin. They will receive an email notification to create an account on Wd2go.com. These credentials will be formed by their email address and a password for wd2go.com that does NOT need to be the same one as whatever password they have on the local NAS.

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For more information about setting up the users and wd2go access open up the Dashboard and click on the Help (?) icon.


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