wd2go cannot "see" nor support FLAC files

While in general this tool is fulfill its major task it misses 2 very useful ones:

a. Reading FLAC files (it can read AIFF though)

b. When playing the record one should be able to see the artwork of the CD.

Any Idea? Or perhaps I missed something.

Many thanks for any response.

Oded Shorer

I can see FLAC files just fine, how are you using WD2Go? And the artwork will only be seen if it has been embed to the song, like if you were playing it from a DLNA server.

Thanks. Really appreciate your commnets.

Would be glad to hear your opinion on the following.

I can see FLAC files from my mac desk top. I can not see or play FLAC files when accessing from my HTC XL - it has

android 2.3.5 on it.

Can you see FLAC files from your cellular phone? which one do you have?

Many thanks in advance


I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro (SK17i) on Android 2.3.4, and like many other files, I could not see what my phone didn’t naturally play off the box. I had similar problems with video files until I installed RockPlayer and ARCMedia, so I’d dare to say the same as well on your case.

What music player do you have on your phone? With PowerAMP I can play FLAC files using WD2go.

Many thanks.

But this is a partial solution because poweramp actually downloading it into your phone and takes physical space/memory.

If i understand correctly, the reason you buy WD my book live is to have an external drive adn be able to access it whrever

you are if wifi availble.

Any Idea or am I missing somthing how to configure poweramp not to phiysically download the music file.

would appreciate tour input very much.

Bets regards,


Why not trying a DLNA media server instead?

You mean at home?

DLNA is for wifi at home, isn’t it? This I do with Upnplay and RockPlayer.

Or again I miss somthing.

How do you use DLNA server with WD2go when you are not at home?

May thanks anyway for trying to help.

Honestly appreciate it.



My mistake, I took it you meant locally on your house :confused:


If I find somthing I’ll let you know!