WD2go ASUS Transformer white screen

WD 2go was working fine on my ASUS Transformer TF700 until the last few days. Now it opens to a white screen and nothing else. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still has the same effect. Any suggestions?

Hi, instead of uninstalling the app, you can also try going to settings/applications/wd2go and select the option to clear data or clear cache. 

I am experiencing the same problem on my Kindle Fire HD, WD 2go work several weeks ago, now all I get is a white screen.  I tried both the delete cache and delete data, still get white screen. 

I am also having the same issue on my kindle fire HD and have uninstalled/reinstalled, cleared cache, and cleared data. None of which resolved the issue. If anyone figures out a fix for this, please share.