WD2Go app on ipad shows MBL as device, but under public share the files are all empty

When I open the WD2Go app the My Book Live shows up with public and my share. When I open public, there are files for shared music, pictures etc, but they are all empty. When I open the share in my name, there are not even files. I am not sure if it is something to do with the fact that when I open my computer on my win7 PC I can see under Network Location 2 the MBL   Drive which shows 1.7Tb free, but when I click on the drive it shows as empty, although when I installed the drive at the weekend and set a backup it transferred aapprox 100 gb of video, music etc. What am I doing wrong? Unfortunately I am an amateur at this sort of thing.

you not only have to enable remote access/streaming on the mbl globally, you have to go into the setup for each share folder and tell it which types of media to share.  Did you do that?

also, you said you did a backup.  Did you transfer files to a share, like you would on a USB drive?  Or did you run a backup using smartware?