wd2go app on iapd - loose left side of sreen

I’m using  the wd2go app on an iPad 3, latested verison of IOS.

Once I open any type of file,  I can no longer get to or even see the left side of the scrren to navigate back to the the folders on my drive.  The left side of the scrren is is black and blank. I’ve tried swipping, tapping, cussing etc.   I can see the double arrows in the box, but tapping on it does NOTHING.

The only work around I’ve found is to cycle the power on my iPad, but that gets old fast !

I don’t see this issue on my Nexus 7 tablet.

That’s odd – I’ve got an iPad 3, also with latest iOS (6.1.2) and WD 2go 2.1.1.

I’ve never seen this issue.   Specifically what types of files are doing that?   I primarily use WD 2go for MP4/M4V video, MP3s, JPGs, and the occasional HTML and text document…  Never had an issue at all.