WD2go app not available on the Google Play store in the UK

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I tried to download the WD2Go app from Google play as it says in the on line manual, only to find that it is not there. I would have thought that it should have been released in the UK, but no. WDmycloud app is there but will not let me access my drive. Perhaps the latest system update is preventing it from working. Used to work on my old phone but not my new one. All help welcome.
Is there another wd app that will work on an android phone. Mine is a new Moto E

Have you looked at the Learning Center? Here are a couple of links; http://setup.wd2go.com/?mod=download&device=mc



Thanks for the hint, but I see nothing there about an app called WD2go as described in the official help files. Perhaps it has a different name in the UK?

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You did not see the WD My Cloud Mobile App? This is for the Android Phone. See image below.
Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

I have that, but the manual states to use the WD2go app. Where is this supposed to be please?
Or is this an error in the manual and we don’t need it. I eventually got the WDMyCloud app to work after a day’s work, but no idea how.Does the WD2go app exist?Best wishes Howard