WD2go App for Windows Phone

to see if WD will realise this is Microsoft OS, the biggest OS for PC’s globally

90% of desktops are using a variant of Windows:


But for tablet/mobile, it’s almost non-existent:



Much as I disagree with WD’s decision to drop Windows Phone/Mobile support from a user perspective, I can see why they decided to concentrate on the two dominant platforms of Android and iOS, which together constitute 91% of the market. It was a brutal commercial decision. Whether that was the right commercial decision, time will tell.

And yes, part of that brutal commercial decision would have been estimating the cost of buying back devices from customers who were dissatisfied with the decision, and the loss of function. Just as they would have estimated the buy-back cost of people dissatisfied because they can no longer map their drives remotely. They’ve obviously decided the one-off and ongoing development costs to support these functions would be greater than the cost of buy-back. One assumes they’re spending their development money on future products, not ‘legacy’ support…

Again, time will tell whether they were the right decisions, or whether customers lose trust in their product and product support, and choose to look elsewhere for their future storage needs.

Sadly after an overhaul of the forum they removed that Kudos button ,thus they can blissfully ignore whatever posts & thread they want now.

I’m boycotting WD as a company now, and my “cloud” device will sit at home as solely a home media server & when it gives up it gets the hammer and I buy from a reputable manufacturer.

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I had the same response ultimately. Surely a company is supported by its customer base? This is one customer they’ve lost I’m afraid. What an absolutely unbelievable shambles.

Regards to all

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Sadly after an overhaul of the forum they removed that Kudos button

Not quite; it was replaced with the little ‘heart’ icon; a ‘like’. Same concept, different name. In fact, I think kudos carried over to ‘likes’.

Utter garbage. I too bought an EX2 because of Windows phone support, and if I had known of WD2Go for Windows phone no longer being available, I would not have purchased a Cloud Mirror as a gift for my daughter.

WD, if you’re going to be blunt about no longer supporting Windows phone, at least get your worthless app off of the Windows Phone Store.

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I agree with the previous comments. Why WD should suddenly decide to abandon this app is beyond me. The app worked well enough so why not just leave well alone, “if it ain’t broke…!”
I really do like the WD MyCloud and it is now such a pity that I can only use it with my pc and lap top devices. MyCloud and WD 2go were really much more valuable to me as an extension to my Windows phone. I now find myself using the Windows OneDrive more and rarely save files to MyCloud. Is this a growing trend for Windows users I wonder.
Perhaps if more Windows phone users complain about this uncaring attitude of WD, they will reconsider their position and reinstate the app. I live in hope!

Yet, I’d be pleased like all of you, who already had expressed their opinion for support of Windows Phone by WD 2go. I’ve also have been using it succesfully for the last 1,5 years until the latest OS3 update.
For me its a great regret that I’ve lost access to MyCloud from my Lumia 735. Please, return back support for Windows Phone 8.1 and 10.
There is no notification in Windows Store that WD 2go is not supported (at least in my country - Russia). You can download it and install. But than you can see an error connecting to MyCloud.
Though the internal hardware of MyCloud detects my Lumia as a connected device.

I have been puzzled by the sudden unavailability of my folders on MyCloud for some time now but am completely amazed that the reason is the discontinuation of the WD2GO app on my Windows Phone! I have not had any contact with WD yet, but I am sure to raise this on Facebook as a complaint! Unbelievably stupid to do this without any notification to existing users or on the Windows Store for new users! Very unhappy with this product with all the other limitations it also has proven to have! Please stick to producing the hardware but leave the software to the real experts!

Feel free to vent your opinion in the following thread located in the Cloud Ideas section where others are voicing their displeasure at WD dropping support for Windows phone.


Edit to add: But as mentioned before in these threads because the Windows Phone occupies such a small market share (less than 4%) of the mobile phone market, WD apparently (until they publicly state otherwise) feels its not worth the time, effort and money to update the Windows Phone app to work with the OS 3 firmware/MyCloud.com portal.

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I dint get that refund “option” WD support just told me that there will not support windows phone users. I have 2 x WD Ex2 just sitting there, there are point less for my needs and my family needs. I will get from another brand.

Shame WD, I will never will buy again any product from WD.

I build PC systems, networks solutions and will never use WD again.

Thanks all for the support to Windows Phone.

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I have waiting for the app WD2GO to be fixed or updated, if WD just drop the support, I will 100% change my 2 x WD Ex2 for another solution. 10 of the 10 users in my house use windows phones ( Windows phone 8.1 and Windows 10 mobile) not working in both,
I opened a support case to see if I can get also a refund of my products like other users posted before in this thread, but the answer was that WD don’t offer refunds. Also received a call telling me the same.
In other words just figurate out and not use windows phones even if our product advertised that will work.

Any idea why other users got the “refund offer”?

Thank you.

I just asked for a refund, if the don’t agree then i will go further with this demand. Luckily the law in Belgium is good about protecting customers and we have strong consumerorganisations.

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Good Luck

Not only wd2go app, does not serve users with windows phone.
I just upgraded to Windows 10, my Nokia phone and when I want to access MyCloud, via web, is even more incredible.
Now ‘MyCloud.com’ page cannot be opened with Edge (new browser phone W10), with a “Not supported browser” message.

I do not know what will happen in the desktop PC, because I have not yet upgraded to W10 and also IE, is replaced by the new browser Edge.

And besides all that, we will not talk about the inoperability of the HDD in the network.
They are only operating promises that do not serve to work normally.
It seems like the prehistoric times of computer, as usual were long waiting times to do

I have very clear that the next HDD, will be from another brand, not WD.

Even more. In the shop W10 phone, the app WD2Go, does not even exist.

WD dropped Windows Phone support last year (with the release of the OS3 firmware I believe) and recently stated (in the Cloud Ideas subforum) that there are no plans to reintroduce it:


Your complaint about the web interface not working in Edge is not the fault of WD, it is the fault of Microsoft. The Edge browser has numerous problems with MANY websites, not just those from WD, since Microsoft first released Windows 10. The workaround until Microsoft fixes the crummy Edge browser is to use the Firefox or Chrome web browser.

I have no problems using Firefox under Windows 10 and accessing both the My Cloud Dashboard and the MyCloud.com web portal.

Edit to add: It should be noted that Windows Phones make up less than 3% of the mobile OS market so it really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise if a company stops expending resources supporting it.

I have no experience yet with W10, because the first update I’ve done with my smartphone.

So far in the short time experience, “MyCloud.com” is the first web to which I have been unable to access.
I can understand the little attention from developers for W phone, considering that Microsoft itself is quite poor to coordinate standard windows desktop applications with smartphone app

My first disappointment was the change to windows phone. Many of the available apps have doubtful utility.
And unfortunately, in the store does not exist, or Chrome or Firefox for w10 mobile.

I’m testing with other available browsers, to try opening my files in “MyCloud.com”.

In my eyes it’s a shame for Microsoft AND WD. Global Players with bad Software Support …

Windows phone users: Wake up, MICROSOFT does not give a hoot about you. Get a phone that is supported by it’s maker! WD is a victim, too! Plenty of threads here to back this up, and here is one of them