WD2go App for Windows Phone

New to the forum…

Found this thread… Having same issue. Have posted in another thread similar, sorry to duplicate.

If anyone has any idea about this one I’m sure there will be many windows mobile users very relieved to learn the solution!

Many thanks

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Same problem here, I can’t believe WD removed an app that was working perfectly, the only app for a window phone that worked… crazy stuff… :frowning:

Same here I have a windows phone and the wd2go app. Everything had been working fine for a year and now all of the sudden the same thing happens to me. I can connect to the drive from my home network and when I am out and about. I can see all of the shares no problem I can even create new folders, etc… but when I try to drill down to a folder that contains files I get the error “No Network Available” This probably started a couple weeks ago… I did not change anything either on my network at home, router, mycloud or anything it just stopped working from the app… everything else is fine I have no problem using one of my home computers. The app was ver convienant. Anyone else find anything out as to why this has just stopped workiing on windows phone



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hi its also the same from the ios app and android app all showing network connection errors.

You are not alone. how did this ever pass testing?

I’m having the exact same problem - can navigate the folder tree OK but get the error whenever I try to open a folder with files. just silly

LiamD1 wrote:

I’m having the exact same problem - can navigate the folder tree OK but get the error whenever I try to open a folder with files. just silly

The problem is that WD have rescinded the use of the Mobile apps (I think the Android app still works at the moment)

Have a look here for more info:


…and look here to add your wish to have WD reinstate a Mobile app that gives us back the functions we originally had (smash that Kodus button in there!);


Best regards

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Since the discontinuation of the WD2Go Windows phone app, I’ve been trying to sign into mycloud.com but after putting in my login details, I’m getting an error page with the following on it:

HTTP Status 405 -

The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource ().

So I’m totally unable to access my files whilst on my phone which is naturally very inconvenient!

Any ideas what might be the problem?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi, Just been speaking on the phone with WD Technical support about not being able to use the WD2go App for my Windows Nokia Lumia 930. I was not happy with the response, not in the actual answer or the way it was put over. “***We are not supporting the Windows Phone Platform anymore!***”, came across as a mater of fact as if it was ok to do this and I was stupid for asking why! Anyway, nothing I can add in the way of help, so just want to add to the forum to see if WD will realise this is Microsoft OS, the biggest OS for PC’s globally. More and more people that I deal with, personally and business wise, are moving to Windows Phones as it is the obvious way to link your home Windows PC’s and business servers with emails, appointments etc. etc. With more and more data being required to store files needed for our ever increasing digital requirements, having your own Cloud Storage drives makes economic sense. Special thanks to CrazyJazzMan for his comments. I am new to this forum stuff, so please could you explain in Janet and John language, what and where the “Kudus” button is. Sorry to be thick! Regards P.

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I’ll echo the terrible Western Digital customer support, Phil! In regards to my issue in the post above, it took 5 responses from them before they even acknowledged the error message! Before that, I had been told the WD2go app had been discontinued (literally, that was the reply). Following that, I was advised to try and install abFiles and I quote “if Windows phone supports the app in order for you to access your files” They didn’t even know if it was supported by my phone yet offered it as a solution! And suggested if I wasn’t happy with the support so far, that I escalate the support request.

What followed was the offer of a $25 voucher to use in the WD store (very useful when living in the UK!) whilst they looked further into my issue.

The next response was an offer to refund me the original purchase price of the drive, provided I returned the drive back to WD. Yes, they would rather refund me than offer a solution!

Finally after making it clear I wanted some solution to the error, I finally got in… And boy, what an awful experience the website is! After trying to navigate the treacle slow loading to locate a file that I accessed quite often in the phone app, I eventually gave up.

So yeah, utterly useless in my experience! And it’s abundantly clear that WD have zero intention of doing anything about this shambolic situation.


to see if WD will realise this is Microsoft OS, the biggest OS for PC’s globally

90% of desktops are using a variant of Windows:


But for tablet/mobile, it’s almost non-existent:



Much as I disagree with WD’s decision to drop Windows Phone/Mobile support from a user perspective, I can see why they decided to concentrate on the two dominant platforms of Android and iOS, which together constitute 91% of the market. It was a brutal commercial decision. Whether that was the right commercial decision, time will tell.

And yes, part of that brutal commercial decision would have been estimating the cost of buying back devices from customers who were dissatisfied with the decision, and the loss of function. Just as they would have estimated the buy-back cost of people dissatisfied because they can no longer map their drives remotely. They’ve obviously decided the one-off and ongoing development costs to support these functions would be greater than the cost of buy-back. One assumes they’re spending their development money on future products, not ‘legacy’ support…

Again, time will tell whether they were the right decisions, or whether customers lose trust in their product and product support, and choose to look elsewhere for their future storage needs.

Sadly after an overhaul of the forum they removed that Kudos button ,thus they can blissfully ignore whatever posts & thread they want now.

I’m boycotting WD as a company now, and my “cloud” device will sit at home as solely a home media server & when it gives up it gets the hammer and I buy from a reputable manufacturer.

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I had the same response ultimately. Surely a company is supported by its customer base? This is one customer they’ve lost I’m afraid. What an absolutely unbelievable shambles.

Regards to all

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Sadly after an overhaul of the forum they removed that Kudos button

Not quite; it was replaced with the little ‘heart’ icon; a ‘like’. Same concept, different name. In fact, I think kudos carried over to ‘likes’.

Utter garbage. I too bought an EX2 because of Windows phone support, and if I had known of WD2Go for Windows phone no longer being available, I would not have purchased a Cloud Mirror as a gift for my daughter.

WD, if you’re going to be blunt about no longer supporting Windows phone, at least get your worthless app off of the Windows Phone Store.

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I agree with the previous comments. Why WD should suddenly decide to abandon this app is beyond me. The app worked well enough so why not just leave well alone, “if it ain’t broke…!”
I really do like the WD MyCloud and it is now such a pity that I can only use it with my pc and lap top devices. MyCloud and WD 2go were really much more valuable to me as an extension to my Windows phone. I now find myself using the Windows OneDrive more and rarely save files to MyCloud. Is this a growing trend for Windows users I wonder.
Perhaps if more Windows phone users complain about this uncaring attitude of WD, they will reconsider their position and reinstate the app. I live in hope!

Yet, I’d be pleased like all of you, who already had expressed their opinion for support of Windows Phone by WD 2go. I’ve also have been using it succesfully for the last 1,5 years until the latest OS3 update.
For me its a great regret that I’ve lost access to MyCloud from my Lumia 735. Please, return back support for Windows Phone 8.1 and 10.
There is no notification in Windows Store that WD 2go is not supported (at least in my country - Russia). You can download it and install. But than you can see an error connecting to MyCloud.
Though the internal hardware of MyCloud detects my Lumia as a connected device.

I have been puzzled by the sudden unavailability of my folders on MyCloud for some time now but am completely amazed that the reason is the discontinuation of the WD2GO app on my Windows Phone! I have not had any contact with WD yet, but I am sure to raise this on Facebook as a complaint! Unbelievably stupid to do this without any notification to existing users or on the Windows Store for new users! Very unhappy with this product with all the other limitations it also has proven to have! Please stick to producing the hardware but leave the software to the real experts!

Feel free to vent your opinion in the following thread located in the Cloud Ideas section where others are voicing their displeasure at WD dropping support for Windows phone.


Edit to add: But as mentioned before in these threads because the Windows Phone occupies such a small market share (less than 4%) of the mobile phone market, WD apparently (until they publicly state otherwise) feels its not worth the time, effort and money to update the Windows Phone app to work with the OS 3 firmware/MyCloud.com portal.

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I dint get that refund “option” WD support just told me that there will not support windows phone users. I have 2 x WD Ex2 just sitting there, there are point less for my needs and my family needs. I will get from another brand.

Shame WD, I will never will buy again any product from WD.

I build PC systems, networks solutions and will never use WD again.

Thanks all for the support to Windows Phone.

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