Wd2go app connection problems

Hi everybody
This is my problem: I download photoes from MyBookLive 2TB, every picture approx 2MB, download works for approximately 4 photoes, than device becomes inaccessible, only after Ipad restart the next serie of a certain number of downloads is possible.
All other apps on Ipad have no problem using wifi internet.
Anyone has solution? Thanks in advance. Greetings to all.

Hello, try uninstalling the WD2Go and then reinstall it. 

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Hi,thanks for quick answer
Uninstalled app and reinstalled
Fell into the following situation: my first connection was done on my home network, so no access code was needed
Now i am on the road and the reinstalled app asked for an access code, what is correct, actually i have no access to the administrative part of wd, means no access code generating possible, means no access with ipad to storage, will reaccess when back home
No other problem to access storage using laptop
Will tell how story will continue

Hi, here an update of my situation
Back home have generated an access code, went to a public place with hotspot, reinstalled wd2go app, connected to my drive, could see shares and some folder levels, not possible to see in a specific folder the file list, may be poor hotspot performance may be something else,
Will try again on an performant network connection
Keep you informed
Never give up
I will post later some suggestions to WD to improve diagnostic possibilities

Hi everybody
Well, i “tested” wd2go app on two different hotspots,
Conclusion: it works with crutches, looses randomly the connection, retakes connection after 2 minutes, restarts connection only while returning to first menu with connection button, rather frustrating.

And this is now a request for devellopments, it would be grately helpful to have on the MyBook and in the Wd2go app and in the wd2go web a serious logging and logging consultancy functions allowing the user to know what happens when and where. These functions are normally available in serious professional applications, but lacking in the wd products.
So dear developpers, you have some work.

The “activity” function in the app is less than poor.

Greetings to all, waiting for good news, as well ascwaiting still for a serious answer to my java problems