WD2Go Android Remote Access

So after having little luck from WD Support I am posting here…

I am trying to get the app working remotely from outside my home network to connect to mybooklive. However evertime I try I get a “Error 1000 could not connect”. I read some posts here, and I have UPnP enabled on my router (negear DGND3300). The app works fine within the network but when I am outside I get the error. Anyone have any ideas to fix this as WD support suggest resetting the device (no luck)?


Before resetting your device, I would suggest you  try deleting your MBL from device list screen on the app, login to MBL using admin account and generate a new DAC, and then activate your device using new DAC, and let us see if this helps. Thanks for being patient!

Tried that serveral times but no luck, it also doesnt work on my partners phone with a different user?


Still does not work when i try via an another wifi on the phone, when i have a chance i will also check if the web access is working via the wd2go website. Anyone with any suggests support seem to be taking ages to reply.

soo update, after receiving this drive as a RMA, they are now offering me a new RMA!!! Anyway did as requested factory reset the device, and guess what no luck. Then i had a thought… i’ll try the wd photo app and it works, soo why does the wd2go app no work???


I asked for further technical support and have now found a solution. This is not best solution but I am working with support to try improve this:

I am now able to again remote access, by disabling UPnP on my router, this causes the mybooklive to connect via reply, which is apparently not the fastest connection. My router is a netgear dgng3300, if anyone knows about UPnP and mybooklive give me a shout please on what I could do to get it working with UPnP.