WD2Go Android App issue

Ok, just bought a 1TB MyBookLive [Deleted] and installed the app on my DROIDX (ver2.3.5) and XOOM (ver3.2.4). I can’t get the activation code. The drive doesn’t have the same options that are shown in the walk through on the app. 

The only type of remote service seems to be through mionet which I would rather not pay for, since there should be a free service available.

The MyBook was just updated when I set it up yesterday. 

MyBookLive 01.05.07 : MioNet

So anyone actually get an activation code working with Android? Thanks in advance.

You need to update the firmware of the MyBook Live to at least version 02.00.35, which replaces Mionet with WD2go.

once you do the update, I would download wd link to access the drive’s interface.  it makes it a lot easier.