WD2go and WD photo not working

I’ve just bought a MyBookLive 1TB and installed it in my home network. It connects fine to one PC, 2 Apple computers and a Samsung media player. But it is impossible to get it to work with my Ipad 2 and my Iphone 4 (latest IOS in both). I’ve tryed all suggestions in this forum, and done exactly as the manual says. But neither app is behaving as manual suggests.

I’m trying to use the apps inside my network, when doing so the app seams to ask and recive a code automaticly, and it shows up in the list under mobile access. (non of the instructions i’ve red says anything about this). Under status it says “trying to establish…” and it never change.

The apps seams to find my MBL but when i try accessing it, it says “This device is inaccessible…” in WD2go and in WD Photo when “first time setup” starts, it ends with “unable to process photo database”.

Once i’ve gotten the old WDPhoto to work, but never WD2go, either version.

So far i’ve done the following:

Updated firmware, twice. (Once automaticly at first startup, then manually to rule out bad install)

Reinstall apps numerous times.

Restart MBL

Followed all suggestions here on the forum like “change from automatic to manual access”

Nothing works it seams.

I’m led to belive that the apps are simply not working with Ipad and Iphone. Because i’ve not seen a single serious solution or guide from anyone at the support here.

From what i read here many people have the same problem, well i hope someone from techsupport takes the time to tell us whats going on, does it work or not. If it does, write a guide on how to intall and configure the app that correspond to how the app works please!

WD2go 2.0.1

iPad 5.1.1

iPhone 5.1.1

MBL  WMC0T0571095, MyBookLive  02.11.09-053 : Core F/W

Router TP-Link 300M Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router, TD-W8960N

The network works perfect and i’ve never had any problems what so ever.

So is there any way to get the apps to work??

Have you tried creating a new registration code from the my book dashboard? You can also try doing a factory restore.