WD2GO and movie thumbnail/cover art

Wondering if there is any way to view the movie thumbnail for the titles.  My 4 year old uses this app and it would be so much easier if she could “see” what movie she wanted rather than me reading all 60+ titles ever time she wants to watch a show. :)  I have the corresponding .xml and .jpg files within the same folder on my liveduo.  Any help/advice would be great.

AFAIK is not possible

hope someone can prove me wrong on this one

Thanks…I’m afraid that’s the only answer I’ve been able to come up with.  Was hoping maybe I could tweek the drive or something to make it read within the app.  So far no go.  Maybe a WD insider could offer some insight as to if this will become available?

Ive posted on the ideas page the same thing, feel free to add your support. That and album art would be good.

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