WD2GO and Mavericks

Impossible to execute JAVA TM on Safari.

Have you any idea to read my external mybooklive with wd2 go?

It is urgent because i have important files.


Lots of options.

Install Java manually.

Use a browser other than Safari.

Use the WD My Cloud Desktop app for Mac.

Go to where your My Book Live is installed and access it normally instead of remotely.

I have the same problem and cannot access WD2Go remotely because of the java issue. It just won’t load and hangs there even thouguh I have installed Java 7 u45 manually and have also removed it and used apple java 6, etc. 

I tried using firefox to bypass the issue and while the java loads, it says the server cannot mount due to a Webdav issue.

This issue only happens remotely. I can access via firefox when on my home network. Any help? 

I’m on a N900 Central Thx.