wd2go access

When I log in to the WD MyCloud’s dashboard, I can see the shares associated with each user. Let’s say one of the users is named cory. They can see all the shares in the dashboard, My Cloud iOS app and via the WD MyCloud desktop application. However, when logging in via wd2go.com, none of the shares show up. One potentially contributing factor is that I mistakenly had two users with the same email address. One has been deleted. Should I just restore the MyCloud to factory specs and start again?

Thank you.


Just check the permissions and that JAVA is requesting to load a plugin, or you won’t see any share.


The same browser shows shares for other users when I do test logins for them. It’s just one single user that doesn’t see any shares on the browser, but does see them in the iOS apps and desktop app. I’ve logged in as the troublesome user on multiple browsers and gotten the same result, “No devices available.”



Then erase the user and create it again. The public share should be seen no matter what unless it has a really bad permissions problem.