wd2go 2.0

So I noticed new version 2.0 aps were updated on my phone (Sprint Galaxy S2) and tablet (HTC Flyer).  Woohoo! So I go to access my MBL and I see I need to update the MBL firmware. Do that, still cant connect to MBL from either device, so i remove them from the MBL dashboard and re-add them.  Add them with activation code, try to login (as my user ID not admin) and I get a message "Sorry, WD 2go is having troubel connecting to MyBookLIve-Twonkey. Please connect manually.  Well I started this out trying to connect manually (Connect Now -> Connect Manually -> My Book Live).  HELP! Love to see updates but seems getting my devices re-configured is not going well!


Oddly enough, I was able to get access on my HTC flyer.  The sprint samsung galaxy s2 is giving me the “Sorry, WD 2go… error message”.  BTW where is the notes of what new features are in v 2.0? I seen you can now auto down load photos to your MBL.  Not nearly as important as what I have seen as needed which is  “dropbox” functionality (ability to open, edit, and save files back to MBL from android devices).

That’s weird that it’s trying to connect to the Twonky server… You might try disabling it on the MBL…