WD2Go 2.0 Email a Link Security?

Kudos on WD2go 2.0 - it is awesome!

What happens with security when you select to email a file using a link?  From what I can tell the recipient does not get prompted for any kind of password.  So is the security removed for this file?  Is it actually copied to one of WD’s servers and made available there to anyone who has the link without credentials?  If so how long does it stay there?

Just trying to understand the security around this great feature, and how it works a bit better.


Good question

when you refer to secure are you talking about a private folder on the NAS?

Well, I’m just looking to understand better how it works - how it’s accomplishing this.  Is the recipient of the email accessing it from my NAS device or from WD’s servers?  Since after emailing a link to a file it no longer seems to require a password, is there a way I can re-secure this file so that someone without an account on my NAS device can’t access it?  Does that happen automatically after a certain period of time?  Or do I have to delete the file?  Or will deleting it from my NAS device even revoke access to it, to someone who has the email link that I generated?

I have that same question.

I have the same question

How do I manage the list of files which I have granted acesses to by emails links from the WD2Go app.

E.g. An On google drive, when you share a link via email, it keeps a track of the files shares so that access can be revoked. 

It would be rather silly if the WD drive did not keep a track, as you would not be able to control to whom the email is forwarded and can get access.

This is not an available feature in the current version but I believe the request has been routed to dev.

I have the same question as my prewriters.

Anyone found out how these links out of the wd2go app work? I tried with a link to a file in a non.public folder with password protection on the local Network; using the link I don’t have to use the password!


Take a look at the URL that’s embedded in the links.

Here’s an example:

http://devicename.device#.wd2go.com/api/1.0/rest/file_contents/path-to-file?device_user_id=NUMBER&request_auth_code=Very Long Hash.

 The URL is not to WD’s servers, its directly to your MBL that hosts the file via WD 2go.

There’s a hashed user ID and password.   The User Hash is numeric, and the authentication token is a very long hexadecimal string.