WD2502ABYS firmware update

I have a number of these drives that run on linux machines and recently I got a nasty kernel panic and io error about the drive on one machine which killed it. I ran badblocks, smart and a slew of other  checks and could not find any issues. I then discovered that others have been having this issue and there are actually critical updaes for IBM and DELL for this drive to update the firmware to at least 02.03B06. My drives are max 02.03B03 and some are 02.03B02.

Anyone have any idea where to get the 02.03B06 (or above)  firmware and does anyone have any idea how to update the firmware in place on a remote linux machine (I have root console access with network, but no access to the physical box)?

Your best shot will be contacting WD Tech support directly and ask if they have a firmware  update available.