wd2500me not working after formatting in windows 7


       My 250GB external HD is working with a bit of problem cause by a trojan virus where it hides my folders but it still working fine. Untill I decided to format these under windows 7. After I formatted it i return back my my files to it and still working. But after I disconnected it from my PC, and reconnect it…It took too long to locate the drive. Then only the drive shown.Only F:/     without its description and I cannot open anything from it…I would appreciate any help how to solve this problem…thanks (P.S   I wanted to recover all my files from it)

Hello, if you need to recover the files in the external hard drive, you can use a data recovery program like recuva or teskdisk, and then format it again. 

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          Already tried recuva and test disk but it test disk say cannot write on the drive…A lot of bad sector I think…tnx anyway…any more suggestion?please…