WD2500ME how do i get the system software i need for backup?

i have reformatted my drive and now have a completely empty drive with just an empty folder structure there : DmailerData/MyProfile/Temp/SB, and now need to reinstall all the back-up system software, i think it was called Dsync? or Dmailer?  anyone know where i can download that from and install on my WD2500ME so I can start backing up my PC again  ?

or can I use WD Smartware for WD2500ME ?



You can find all of the available download for your drive on the following link. Your model is only compatible with Smartware Pro.

Available Downloads


How to upgrade WD SmartWare to WD SmartWare Pro 

Discontinued support for WD Sync and Dmailer Sync 

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i decided to just copy the folders across to my hdd using explorer in the end. but thanks for the information anyway.