I have two laptops with a wd2500bevs harddrive in each. The dash on one is -08VAT2 and the other is -60UST0.

Both are starting to go bad with soft sectors. I have tried finding the specs for these drives so I can replace them but have had no luck. My understanding is these are both SATA-I drives, but I cannot confirm that. I would prefer to replace the drives with at least a 320 GB drive and preferrably a 500 GB.

Even though I have backed them up, I have not attempted to pull the harddrives out of the laptops so as not to disturb them too much until I can replace them.

Any help as to which drives I could replace these with would be appreciated.

Hi you need to post the model and make of your lap top  so we can see what sata controller it is running or you can look in device manger as see what is listed under storage controller. But any blue or black drive should work as they are sata 2 drives but should auto negotiate to sata 1 speed. The black drives have a 5 year warranty and are good fast drives 7200 rpm 16 meg cache. The blue drives are 2 year warranty 5400 rpm 8 meg cache.

Both laptops have an Intel 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI controller and an Intel ICH8M Ultra ATA Storage Contollers - 2850

Hi yes those controllers should auto set to sata 1 speed it is really older via chipsets that wont. So now your choice the blue or black drive.

Great, thanks.

So many choices, so little time.