WD2500AAKX not working

Hi. I just purchased this disk. The exact part number is WD2500AAKX-001CA0. My problem is that the disk propably is broken but just to be sure I will ask here. I tried connecting it to my motherboard (MSI P6N SLI-FI) which has Sata II support but no Sata III. The disk is supposed to work with Sata II (at least when manually set with the jumper on 5-6 pins) but it is not recognized on mine or other 2 motherboards that I tried it on. It actually, delays during post when detecting the Port it’s connected on, and then gives No disk detected status in bios. Only thing it does is a repeating clicking noise (possible head damage?) that stops after a while. The strange thing is that in device manager in WIndows 7 it appears asOther Devices/ SCSI disk drive (while my other sata II drives display normally under disk drives),but without drivers and not proper hardware recognition, without it even showing in disk management etc. Could there be something I am doing wrong, or it just needs replacement? Also note that I am using a Sata cable that other disks work fine with, so no cable problem. Could it be the entire drive, or a malfunction with sata II compatibility? Thanks.

Hi, the WD2500AAKX is a SATA 2 hard drive, so if you use a jumper on pins 5-6 it will lower the speed to SATA 1. If you hear clicking noises coming from the HDD it is not a good sign, try using another SATA cable, but if the problem continues replace it.

I am sure that it is Sata 3 and the jumper lowes it to Sata 2. It’s stated cleary in specs. Check it more carefully. Anyway it doesn’t matter because even so it should be detected without a problem. I also tested it on a Sata 3 motherboard with the same result. It’s 100% sure now that the disk is defective.

yup… you are right it’s sata 6 gbs

if you are sure the drive is defective take back to the place of purchase or replace on WD’s web