WD20PURZ Not Recognised by UniFi NVR


I bought 4 x WD20PURZ-85AKKY0 for my brand new UniFi NVR. I set it up in accordance with the UniFi Quick Start guide after watching several good YouTube videos on the subject.

At no stage have the WD Purples been recognised by the UNVR, despite changing the places of the drives in the slots and trying different combinations of drives from 1 to 4.

I have detailed my actions and others have offered suggestions on the UniFi Community Forum here: HDD Not Mounted During UNVR Setup

I won’t repeat all the information from that link. I ask that interested people read it for the background to this question.

My conclusion is that all four drives have corrupt firmware - a highly unlikely occurrence.

Before I return them for a refund, does anyone here have any suggestions for more actions that I could take?

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