WD20NPVX 2TB cannot be formatted in Macbook? "Last block cannot be written"

I had used the Blue Scorpio 2-TB drive internally (hard to fit, but worked) in my Macbook Pro 15" for 2 years, and was very satisfied.

Now I purchased a newer (used) Macbook and wanted to use the successor drive (as I assumed), i.e. the WD20NPVX, also in the 2-TB-version.

But when trying to format this I got a message (translated from German) “To the last block of the device could not be written”. Ok, I thought, this may happen, and returned the drive to the shop, got a new one. But this again caused the same message.

Just by chance, 2 successive new drives defect? Not impossible, but hard to imagine.

In the internet I found some general remarks about WIndows formatting not using all block, but leaving a reserve, while MacOS (I use Mavericks 10.9.3) uses all blocks.

Is this really the case, or did I have just bad luck with my 2 drives, and therefore should now try a 3rd?

Thanks fopr any help.


See if this helps.